Satin PiperDunelm Glass has been glassware manufacturers for nearly 30 years. In that time we have created many unique handmade items.

For a selection of some bespoke items go to Glassworks Handmade Products

Dunelm Glass also manufacture bespoke handmade decanters. We have created many variations on what goes into the decanters.

Ships: Santa Maria, Viking Longship, HMS Victory, Mayflower, Nippon Challenge, St Louis, Golden Hind, San Martin, Sovereign of the Seas, Red Lion, Prince Royal and the Nihon Maru.

Animals: Polar Bear, Dolphins, Horse, Monkey, Rat, Dog, Eagle, Goat, Ox, Pig, Rabbit, Rooster, Snake, Tiger and Stag.

Other: Bi Plane, Orchid, Rose, Lotus, Thistle, Jumbo Jet, Dragon and Piper.

We recently switched production of our hand made decanters to use only recycled materials.

For a selection of some bespoke items go to Handmade Decanters