Personalised TrophyWith complete in-house facilities we can offer our customers the most up-to-date methods of personalisation, from traditional sandblast engraving to the specialised method of inverted engraving. We can also recreate your artwork in spot colours if required.

Inverted Engraving: Instead of removing the glass surface by the traditional way of sandblasting, the speciality of our process consists of applying crushed glass to the product. This is then fired onto the surface of the glass at high temperatures resulting in a finished design as permanent as engraving but with the advantage of allowing us to achieve the finest of detail, along with the added flexibility in terms of design, for example half tones etc. Due to our passion for perfection we would strongly advise this method.

Traditional Engraving: Personalised by way of traditional sandblasting. The traditional skills of engraving are used to produce fine detail and pleasing finish. This is the preferred method of personalisation on fine quality crystal and glass.

Colour Personalisation: This method uses the same process as inverted engraving to give the permenance but colour is added to give the desired results. Due to the high temperatures used we cannot guarantee exact pantone colour matching but can come very close.